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Discipline Policy

Mission Statement

To assist families to educate their children spiritually, intellectually, socially, emotionally and physically so that our students may have a greater understanding of the wisdom and love of God; thus allowing them to participate to the best of their ability in the life of the Church and the world at large.


At St Mary’s we strive to equip students with the skills that will allow them to actively participate in the life of the Church and the world at large.  This cannot be done in isolation from others. Children need to respect the rights of others, realise that they are responsible for their own actions and that their actions have consequences.

Therefore St Mary’s strives to promote a secure, respectful and healthy environment in which students have the opportunity to develop into discerning, self-disciplined and contributing member of our school community.

Occasionally students do display subtle, subversive or intimidating behaviours that are disruptive to learning, place others safety in danger or show disregard for the code of conduct established at the school.   How the school responds to these behaviours represents a critical test of how we respond to our mission to show love to the perpetrator and at the same time respect the rights and welfare of those how have been offended.


To create a school community where:

  • Staff can teach and children can learn.
  • Staff and students feel safe.
  • Good manners are the norm.
  • The gospel values of love, compassion, tolerance, acceptance, forgiveness, reconciliation and justice are easily identifiable.


Good supervision and clear expectations in both the playground and classroom are essential for good discipline. Alert teachers can anticipate most discipline issues thus allowing them to defuse situations before they become major incidents.

Our School Expectations

At St Mary’s Primary School we treat others like we would like to be treated ourselves.

We are always:

  • We attend school each day
  • We are in lines and to class on time
  • We stay within bounds
  • We wear full school uniform with pride
  • We do as we are asked and follow instructions
  • We try new activities and speak up for ourselves
  • We stay calm, cool and collected when faced with a challenging situation or when someone is not being nice
  • We control ourselves by not fighting or not staying away from others for too long when we are upset
  • We calm down in a reasonable time after being upset
  • We look after our own, others and the school’s property
  • We try our best
  • We follow class rules
Getting along with others
  • We act in a safe and considerate way at school and when travelling to and from school
  • We speak and act in a kind and friendly way
  • We show respect for other students, teachers, parents and school staff
  • We work and play fairly

Because we are all responsible for our own actions

Classroom Discipline

  • Teachers are responsible for the smooth running of their classroom.
  • The teacher should establish classroom expectations
  • Classroom expectations should be displayed in the room in such a way that both students and casual teachers can easily read them.
  • Teachers should spend time reinforcing both classroom and school expectations.
  • Teachers will contact parents when considered appropriate

Corporal Punishment is never to be administered at St Mary’s School by any staff member, parent or volunteer.

Playground Discipline

  • The teacher on duty is responsible for care of students and determines if any follow up action is required
  • School expectations should be displayed in classrooms and in student diaries and reinforced when required in classrooms.  If whole school reinforcement is needed this will be done by the Principal or Assistant Principal in class or at assembly.
  • Teachers are encouraged to use the House Points system to reward positive behaviour

Time Out

Time Out Procedures to be followed as outlined in the Staff Handbook.

Suspension and Expulsion – Diocesan procedures will be followed as per Diocesan Policy


No additional funding is required for this policy


The Discipline Policy will be evaluated at regular intervals at staff meetings.