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The Nature of St Mary's as a Catholic School

St Mary’s Catholic School has as its mission, the formation of the whole child. The role of St Mary’s School is to bring Catholic faith and life experience together for the children and families who make up its community.

"Our mission is to evangelise – to proclaim Christ, the Good News of God’s love for all. All our pastoral activities must, therefore, both flow from our personal response to Christ and be carried out in the spirit of the Gospel." Diocesan Pastoral Plan, Diocese of Maitland-Newcastle (2004)

The Church "…establishes her own schools because she considers them as a privileged means of promoting the formation of the whole person, since the school is the centre in which a specific concept of the world, of humanity, and of history is developed and conveyed." The Catholic School paragraph 8

"The Catholic school ‘is a school for all, with a special attention to those who are the weakest." The Catholic School on the Threshold of the 3rd Millennium (1997)

Our school is a community which includes children, staff, parents and parish priest, and all are challenged to respond to the invitation of Christ to be his disciples. The school seeks to develop the children in its care through two distinct and powerful mediums. The first of these is a carefully orchestrated school environment which has a profound influence upon those within the school. This environment has its origins in the life and values of Jesus and His Church. The second medium is that of a formal and sequenced Religious Education programme in every class, which is a separate Key Learning Area and has direct influence upon every other aspect of curriculum in the school.

St Mary’s School is a place where God is named and recognised, and where we seek to integrate the teachings of God and the Church into our policies, structures and within the relationships of all in the community. It is a place where children are formed through a distinctive Catholic environment, the Religious Education programme and the other Key Learning Areas.

St Mary’s School is a community of children and adults where prayer and encounter with the Living God within the Sacraments is cherished.



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